Ekin-Su being ganged up on was hard to watch and I can’t stand the boys! says her brother

Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu has been one of the standout stars on this year’s Love Island thanks to her sassy attitude, her truth bombs and – of course – crawling on all fours to sneak off for a secret snog on the terrace with Jay Younger.

And according to her brother Arda, the 27 year old is exactly the same in the real world as she is in the villa.

"Let’s just put it this way, she’s made it a very memorable year already," teenager Arda laughs during his chat with OK!.

"People have accused her of acting and playing up to the cameras, but everything you’ve seen – the cheekiness, the sass, the confrontation – that’s Ekin-Su all over."

And after an unpredictable week of twists and turns in Casa Amor left fans wondering what the future has in store for Ekin-Su and Davide Sanclimenti, 27, Arda tells us he hopes the two of them can patch up any differences.

"I’ve got such a soft spot for Davide," he admits. "He seems like the most stable, self-assured guy in the villa. He’s a bit like Ekin-Su in that he’s got a big head!"

Musician Arda also came to Davide’s defence when asked his thoughts on the boys’ Casa Amor mischief, saying, "The way I see it, he’s just making it even after how Ekin-Su played the game at the beginning!"

Here, Arda spills the beans on why Davide is the only man in the villa good enough for his sister and reveals what Ekin-Su is really like in a relationship…

Hi, Arda! What have you made of Ekin-Su’s journey in the Love Island villa so far?

Ekin has made sure people will remember her, even if she’s voted out. She put herself out there from day one, even if that rustled a few feathers with the other girls, but she seems to have made some great memories in the villa now. I’m happy for her – she looks like she’s having so much fun!

Would you say she’s being true to herself on the show? Is what we’re seeing the Ekin-Su you know and love?

Definitely! People have accused her of acting and playing up to the cameras but everything you’ve seen – the cheekiness, the sass, the confrontation – that’s Ekin-Su all over. She’s never been the type of person to hide who she really is and that’s why so many people love her. She’s very real.

She’s gained a huge fanbase so far. Are you surprised?

Not at all. Everywhere Ekin-Su goes, she makes friends. People like her because she’s no-nonsense.

What did you think about last week’s episodes in Casa Amor?

Everyone, myself included, thought that when Ekin-Su went to Casa Amor, she’d be the cause of all the trouble. I think that’s why she was kept on the show for so long – because we wanted to see what she’d get up to in there. No one expected her to be loyal to Davide after how she started but she’s been so loyal – minus maybe a little moment with George! She knows what she wants now and that’s Davide, so good for her.

Her relationship with Davide has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. Do you think they’re well-suited?

I’ve got such a soft spot for Davide. He seems like the most stable, self-assured guy in the villa. He’s a bit like Ekin-Su in that he’s got a big head! They definitely make each other laugh and keep each other on their toes. It’s fun to watch their interactions.

Has it been difficult watching her staying loyal while Davide has been kissing other girls?

The way I see it, he’s just making it even after how Ekin-Su played the game at the beginning!

Have there been any other moments that have been difficult to watch?

There have been a couple of times where the Islanders – especially the girls – have ganged up on her a bit, which was really hard to watch. I just wanted to be there to comfort her. But she handles every conflict very well because she’s such a strong girl.

How do you think Ekin-Su felt after she saw that Davide had stayed loyal to her after Casa Amor?

I know she was initially over the moon because she does have a lot of respect for him and she’s glad he has respect for her, too. But after his Casa Amor secrets came out, I could see that she was really upset. She was shaking with anger! But she seemed to calm down after discussing it with him and they were able to laugh about it. I do hope they’re able to move past this, because now they’ve both had their tests. Only time will tell.

Are there any other boys in the main villa you think she’d be better suited to?

No, no and no. I can’t stand any of the guys on the show this year – except for Davide! I had hopes for the Casa Amor boys but they’re not good enough either. She likes a mature man who’ll look after her and make her happy but I don’t think anyone in the villa will be able to do that.

What’s Ekin-Su’s usual type, in the outside world?

She’s never really had a specific type – definitely not looks-wise, anyway. She likes someone who makes sure she’s got a smile on her face, she likes it when her needs are met mentally.

What’s Ekin-Su like when she’s in a relationship?

I know she looked easily swayed when she joined the show but that couldn’t be more different to what she’s like in a relationship. She’s completely loyal and would never look elsewhere.

She had some negative social media comments at the start of the series. Will that upset her or will she not care?

These days, if you know you’re going on Love Island, you have to be somewhat prepared for the criticism that comes with it. Someone’s always going to have something mean to say. Before she left, we talked for hours about the hate she might receive and the bad name she could accidentally create for herself. But Ekin-Su knows to take the good with the bad. She’s in the right headspace to receive criticism because she’s great at brushing it off and not letting it get to her. We wouldn’t have wanted to let her go on the show unless she was totally ready.

Do you think she has what it takes to win? If so, with who?

I keep seeing edits on TikTok of Ekin-Su and Davide together, so they’ve got a huge fanbase invested in them as a couple. Like the viewers, I love them together and I love them apart, so I’d be happy if either of them won – but it would be nice for them to win as a pair.


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