Eamonn Holmes makes rare comment on his marriage to first wife: Whole different level

Eamonn Holmes recalls clash with Anne Robinson

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Eamonn Holmes, 61, has opened up on aspects of his life that he doesn’t usually discuss, as he returned to Belfast to appear on The Meaning Of Life. During the conversation, the TV presenter gave viewers a rare insight into his early years in Belfast and his first marriage.

Host Joe asked Eamonn about his family’s Catholic roots and whether he had a strict upbringing.

Eamonn explained that he realised how strict other Northern Irish households were when he met his first girlfriend, Gabrielle Holmes.

He said: “Well, I thought it was a strict Catholic household until I met my first girlfriend, who then became my wife.

“That was a whole different level.

“I’d say my mother and my father were definitely into morality, from the point of view, ‘if you kiss that girl, you are going to marry her’. That’s basically it.

“And her household, it was like on your knees, decades of a rosary, First Fridays…

“They had a date, it was an excuse to go to mass every day of the week.”

Eamonn and Gabrielle separated in 1994, nine years after tying the knot.

They share three children, Declan, Rebecca, and Niall.

He eventually divorced Gabrielle in 2005.

Eamonn went on to date Ruth Langsford, who in 2002 gave birth to their son, Jack Alexander Holmes.

Anthea Turner has recently spoken out on the “difficult time” her GMTV co-star Eamonn endured as his marriage to his ex-wife fell apart in 1996.

She confessed that at the time, she found his situation “hard to understand”, and explained how it led to their behind-the-scenes “tiff”.

Anthea said: said: “If anybody was going to have a bit of a tiff, it was Eamonn and I. 

“He was going through a difficult time and it was hard for me to understand.

“I wasn’t as worldly-wise, I didn’t have children. 

“His real-life marriage was crumbling, he was living two lives, being torn away from the kids in Ireland all week. He was unhappy. And who’s sitting next to him every morning?”

Anthea compared working on GMTV to being in a “goldfish bowl”.

She continued to The Guardian: “Everything got blown up out of proportion. I didn’t lose my job, Eamonn didn’t have that power.”

Since their fallout, Eamonn and Anthea have been able to reconcile and have now been friends for “longer” than any of her marriages, she pointed out.

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