Duchess Kate ‘consciously worked on’ getting a ‘younger & more modern’ look

The Duchess of Cambridge has truly made some style changes over the past year, mostly in 2019. I think the answer to why and how she made some changes is simply that her old makeshift “stylist” Natasha Archer has been on maternity leave for months, and Kate hired someone who actually knew something about fashion. According to People Magazine, Archer is back at work though. Which… explains a lot, actually. It explains the doilies and buttons and ribbons and 1940s cosplay and Edwardian cosplay. But to hear some “source” tell it, Kate suddenly looks fresh and youthful now that Archer is back. ORLY.

Kate Middleton is upping her fashion game. The royal mom made two very stylish appearances in the past week — sporting the perfect summer dress to Wimbledon and a daring (yet sophisticated!) red and pink combination for Archie’s royal christening.

“Kate felt like she was in a bit of a style rut and thought she needed a little edge,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s consciously worked on getting her look to be a bit younger and more modern, and it’s worked!” The insider adds, “She looks amazing, and she is getting lots of compliments about it.”

Kate has had a helping hand in her bold new look. Natasha Archer, the royal’s longtime assistant and stylist, recently returned to work following her maternity leave. Kate has also brightened her look by recently adding some soft caramel highlights to her dark locks, which has added more dimension to her hair.

[From People]

“She’s consciously worked on getting her look to be a bit younger and more modern, and it’s worked!” It’s worked! Mission Accomplished, peeps! Kate is convinced that she’s youthing it up with all of the yummy mummies at William’s favorite gym, I suppose. To be fair, I have noticed a subtle difference in vibe from Kate – more willingness to wear trousers and fewer wiglets, that kind of thing. But let’s be completely clear: if Kate had her way, she would absolutely step out to every event in a gigantic button-covered doily with Edwardian vibes.

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