Drake Approves of Fake Drake Getting Kicked Out of Nightclub

The Canadian superstar likes a video showing his impersonator getting booted from a Houston nightclub, while Fake Drake claims the moment was staged to help promote the artist’s new album.

AceShowbizDrake apparently doesn’t condone a fan pretending to be him. The “In My Feelings” has reacted to his impersonator getting kicked out of the club and he seemed to approve of the decision to remove the doppelganger.

Fake Drake, who has been milking his 15 minutes of fame with club appearances, performances and interviews since 2021, showed up at a Houston nightclub over the weekend. He, however, wasn’t welcomed at the club as he was soon getting removed from the club.

In a video which has gone viral, promoter Chris Chizer is seen calling out the Fake Drake, also known as Izzy Drake, and instructing security to escort him out. “Fake Drake can’t be in Area 29,” he said in the clip. “Fake Drake can’t be in here, he’s got to go! So he’s gotta get his a** up outta here.”

The video ended up on DJ Akademiks‘ Instagram page, catching Drake’s attention. Noticing this, the real star liked the video.

After the embarrassing moment was caught on camera, Fake Drake went on Instagram Live to explain the incident. He claimed that it was staged to help promote the real Drake’s new dance album “Honestly, Nevermind”.

“I don’t need security. I walked in there, they saw the OVO chain. They said, ‘Oh yo, come in,’ ” Fake Drake claimed. “I went to the front where the stage is and we staged that s**t for Drake’s promo.”

Fake Drake previously said he’s got Drake’s stamp of approval to imitate him. Speaking to “No Jumper” in November 2021, he said a professional Las Vegas gambler who knows Drizzy told him the 35-year-old artist wasn’t bothered with the impersonation.

“He got in contact with Drake and Drake was just like, ‘It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t affect me. Let the guy get his bag. It’s not affecting me.’ If you think it’s gonna go wrong if you’re posting him on your [Instagram Stories] and everything, just keep the peace,” so Izzy Drake said. He added, “He didn’t really give a f**k, you know? That was the whole thing. I’m just being humble, I’m doing my thing. I got kids – I’m doing this s**t for my family.”

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