Dr. Jill Biden & Duchess Kate wrote a CNN op-ed about early-childhood education

As we discussed, on Friday, the Duchess of Cambridge did a “solo event” with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. It was notable for all kinds of reasons, one of which is that Kate was never offered up to anyone in the Trump family. At the end of the day, they knew how bad it would look for William and Kate to get keen with the Trumps. The Tory government has no issue with offering up the younger royals to the Obamas and Bidens though. And maybe there was the feeling in the Johnson government and in Buckingham Palace that perhaps Duchess Kate would do well with a well-educated professor like Dr. Jill Biden. I doubt anyone had any idea how badly it would go.

Speaking as an American who spent all of 2016 through to January 2021 being incredibly embarrassed to be from a nation which produced the Trump family, let me tell you something, British peeps: you should be embarrassed about Kate. Once anyone sees past the PR fluff, embiggening campaigns and endless litanies of “she’s never put a foot wrong,” all you’re left with is a nearly 40-year-old woman who flaps her hands constantly, freeze-poses mid-gawp, can’t speak in any public situation, can’t figure out her own fake accent and can’t act her way out of a paper bag. First off, Kate was asked by an impertinent American reporter (Andrea Mitchell) if she’s seen her new niece, Lilibet Diana. Kate’s response was: “I wish her all the very best. I can’t wait to meet her. We haven’t met her yet. I hope that will be soon.”

Ten bucks says that Kate was mad that the Americans had the nerve to ask her a question directly. She looked genuinely surprised to be asked something in that sort of call-out media scrum way that Dr. Biden is probably much more accustomed to. She lied coolly, but you could definitely see that flicker on her face. Interesting. But what was also sort of interesting was the “prepared” part of the visit. Both Kate and Dr. Biden knew they were doing this roundtable conversation and Kate’s staff obviously prepared some brief comments which Kate would make to introduce Dr. Biden. Whew, this is so bad.

Again, I can see why the galaxy-brains at Buckingham Palace and Downing Street thought this would be a good soft-focus, kid-friendly photo-op to exhibit the US-UK “special relationship.” But all the event did was highlight, once again, that Kate is a complete lightweight. You could see the dawning realization that Dr. Biden was not speaking to someone she considered a colleague or an expert. Dr. Biden was acting as a babysitter to Buttons Lynchpin. It’s bad.

Someone in the First Lady’s office worked with someone at Kensington Palace and they did a vague, light editorial on CNN about how early-childhood education is important, signed by Dr. Biden and Buttons – you can read it here. One of my favorite parts was the CNN Editor’s Note: “First Lady of the United States Jill Biden is a community college educator, with more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has focused for 10 years on the critical role early childhood has on lifelong outcomes.” LMAO. They really do think people are like “oh yes, Kate has worked for a decade on early-childhood development.” For sure.

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