Dog in Out-of-Control Boat Rescued in Spain

An out-of-control boat with a dog on board is not something any animal lover wants to see, but fortunately … this wild story has a paws-itively happy ending.

The unmanned Zodiac boat spotted circling in the ocean Monday, about 300 meters off the coast of Almunecar, Spain with no one at the helm except a dog. Photographer Huw Evans knew something was up, and captured the ordeal that unfolded.

Evans says he feared the boat’s actual skipper had fallen overboard so his crew went to investigate, and that’s when they noticed the poor solo doggy tied up on board.

The coast guard arrived soon after, and first tried to corral the boat by snagging its propeller but that didn’t work. So, then someone tried to jump on board, but also failed and fell in the water.

Evans said, “It was quite a wild ride, when [the rescuer] fell off I was worried he might be hurt by the propeller but luckily it missed him.” Thankfully, a much bigger Coast Guard boat showed up and managed to snag the boat.

The salty old sea dog was rescued and returned to its owner … and the pooch now has a great story to tell its pups.

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