DMX Cleared by Feds, No Probation Violation in 'Stolen' Corvette Case

DMX is off the hook for a potential probation violation … the feds found no wrongdoing on his part when he and his entourage mistakenly drove away from a restaurant in someone else’s Corvette.

TMZ broke the story … DMX and his crew left a Los Angeles restaurant in another diner’s car following a mix-up with valet, and the car was reported stolen. But, the bigger issue for DMX was a question of whether he was behind the wheel. 

The feds felt X could’ve violated probation in his tax evasion case if he was the one driving the “stolen” Vette.

X’s attorney, Murray Richman, tells TMZ … DMX met with his probation officer and everything is fine. We’re told the rapper’s in the clear as far as a potential probation violation goes.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York — which prosecuted DMX for tax evasion — declined to comment on its investigation. 

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