Dick Strawbridge has Angel more than a little worried over Escape to the Chateau segment

Escape To The Chateau: Angel emotional over success of party

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Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge took to social media to unpack a particular aspect of the latest episode of the Channel 4 show, which aired last Sunday evening, that left fans scratching their heads. He admitted that the segment even left his wife Angel Adoree feeling concerned, as he attempted to clear up the confusion via Twitter.

Dick, 62, shared an insight into the DIY-savvy couple’s methods behind their delicious homemade cider with his 84,300 Twitter followers yesterday.

The conversation started up when one viewer, Natalie McPhail, tweeted: “@dickstrawbridge please can you explain the apple crusher?  

“What happens to the juice/crushed apples? It kept me awake last night.”

Other fans chimed in at this, also clearly confused by Dick’s methods.

Jjoolie commented: “See I was the same, I couldn’t work out how you got it out! I didn’t see any hole!!”

“I was also baffled by this!” added Anne-Marie Watson, while Amanda Marlow wrote, “I was thinking of how the juice got out too.” 

While Dawn-Marie Smith commented: “I saw a shiny pipe coming out of one of the stones, assumed that was to drain the juice. Fabulous programme again.”

Dick managed to clarify the situation when he replied to Natalie: “Crushed then pressed to get as much juice as possible there is a drain hole to collect what comes straight out… 

“We have ours in glass flagons fermenting into cider… Sleep well!!”

At this point Hayley Grant tweeted: “Hahaha!!! My mum recoiled when you threw the apples in saying “but what about all the mud and dirt” 

“I was like I’m sure they rinsed it,” she added with a laughing emoji. 

Dick then confirmed that his wife Angel, 43, had exactly the same fears. 

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“Angela was also more than a little worried!!!” Dick wrote.

“Hahaha! Hope the cider turns out awesome!” Hayley replied. 

Chris McKinnon even gave the segment that caused so much speculation its own hashtag, commenting: “We wondered the exact same thing, hours of discussion #applegate.” (sic)

Escape to the Chateau hadn’t been seen since late 2020, but made its return in October 2021. 

Dick and Angel are back to give fans a glimpse into renovating their beautiful home in the heart of France while providing some great DIY tips. 

The couple purchased the Château de la Motte-Husson back in 2015, with the ambition of leaving their days in Southend-on-Sea behind.

For the past six years, fans have been able to follow their progress through their much-loved Channel 4 show.

Escape to the Chateau continues on Sunday, December 12, on Channel 4.

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