Dec recalls humiliating Byker Grove audition that nearly made him give up acting

Dec Donnelly writhed as he reminisced about the "horrendous" Byker Grove audition.

The presenter rose to fame alongside his sidekick Ant McPartlin on the children's drama series Byker Grove which ran from 1989 until 2006.

But Dec looked visibly uncomfortable when he confessed he was so embarrassed during the audition for the teen series.

He said of the audition: "It was horrendous… It was embarrassing."

In a teaser of new documentary Ant & Dec's DNA Journey, the comedian admitted he was mortified throughout the audition process.

Ant poked fun at his pal when he asked did the TV bosses ask him to be a "tree".

Dec shared producers tasked the auditionees with forming a map of the world and he recalled how he curled up in a ball to make himself Australia.

He said: "I just curled up in a ball and became Australia."

Ant remarked it was very appropriate choice of country because they both front show I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here every year for three weeks in Australia.

He commented: "That's very apt… Considering you spend a lot of your time there now."

Ant and Dec posted the teaser on their Instagram ahead of the release of their new documentary.

Elsewhere in the documentary, Dec spiralled into an angry tirade when he fumed Ant McPartlin never asked him for help.

The I'm A Celeb presenter confessed he was filled with rage because his childhood BFF didn't turn to him in his time of trouble.

In an emotional outburst, the TV star insisted he would have done if "the shoe was on the other foot".

Dec feared Ant's secret battle with his drink and drug demons put a strain on their lifelong friendship as he struggled with Ant failing to reach out to him.

Speaking ahead of the documentary Ant & Dec's DNA Journey, he said: “It has been a tough couple of years and it has tested the bond we have shared since we were 13 years old.

"I was incredibly angry at the start, so angry.

"Disappointed that he didn't ever come to me and say 'I am struggling, I need you' because that is what I would do if the shoe was on the other foot. And he never came to me and that hurt me a lot."

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