Dan Walker: BBC Breakfast host slams career offer as he remarks ‘Worst idea ever’

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BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker recently released his book Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday People where the presenter shines a light on others who have shown selflessness and provided courage, even during challenging times. The TV anchor has since revealed that he almost didn’t go through with his new project as he opened up about his latest career move.

The 43-year-old revealed he had been offered an alternative idea before going ahead with his new book.

The BBC host explained he was due to make a TV documentary ahead of the coronavirus pandemic and was later approached to write a book.

The dad-of-three explained: “Two things collided, one I was due to be making a TV documentary this year going back to South Africa ten years after the World Cup in 2010 and revisiting some of the people that I met there.

“You know, seeing how they managed to fulfil the promises that they made to the people of South Africa.

“It was going to be like a TV programme but obviously that got cancelled because of the pandemic.”

Dan revealed that he was later approached by his book publishers to write an autobiography about his career in TV journalism.

But the BBC broadcaster admitted he thought that would be the “worst idea ever”.

“The other thing was the publishers came to me and said, ‘We would love for you to write an autobiography about your 20 odd years in television,'” Dan explained.

“And I said, ‘That sounds like the worst idea ever.'”

Instead the Football Focus host had another proposal in mind which he thought would be more worthwhile.

Dan said: “[I asked] Can I write about other people instead and they went, ‘Yeah. What have you got?’

“So I told them one of the stories about Winnie Mabaso [a charity foundation] and then I came up with six or seven others at that time and they said, ‘That sounds brilliant. Would you like to write about these people instead?’ And I said’ ‘I’d love to.'”


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He continued: “So I had about 20 or so people and different chapters in my head to start with.

“The hardest part was getting it down to about 10.”

Dan has since released his book Remarkable People: Extraordinary Stories of Everyday People.

The broadcaster recounts inspiring stories of those that he has met throughout his long-standing career over the years living through extraordinary circumstances, both joyous and heartbreaking.

“What I really wanted people to take away from it, is that struggling is not failing,” Dan said about his new project.

“We all face struggles in life and for some people that battle is illness, stress, abuse whatever it might be.”

He added: “It’s possible to not only change your own circumstances but to have a significant impact on the people around you.”

Remarkable People by Dan Walker is published by Headline and is out now.

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