DaBaby Reacts to ‘Bae’ B. Simone’s Proposal to Be His Children’s Step-Mother

In related news, DaBaby’s security Kane Kong is hinting on Instagram that he’s tired of the ‘Kirk’ spitter’s stage-diving antics which often leads his fans to go closer to him than allowed.

AceShowbizB. Simone is shooting her shot at DaBaby. The actress, known for her role on Lil Kim‘s VH1 series “Girls Cruise“, took to her Instagram account to express her love for the “BOP” rapper, who is currently named as one of the hottest in the game.

“That ain’t tha ….man y’all already know WTF going on. Jesus i ask you for patience. I ask you to lead him home and stop letting him entertain these girls. He probably fake laughing at some lame h*e jokes… don’t worry king… A real clown is on the way! TF!” Simone wrote alongside a picture of DaBaby.

Simone seemingly was serious about wanting to be his woman as she hinted that she was ready to be a step-mother to DaBaby’s two children. “I been practicing and everything ‘ahht ahhht sit down ! Imma tell yo daddy when he get home’ see i got this. I’m ready bae!” she went on writing. “ughhhh when i meet him should i be like ‘hey Zaddy’ or ‘hey king’ orrrrr should i say ‘babyyy boooyyy cmere.’ “

The bold post unsurprisingly caught attention from fellow celebrities. Keke Palmer wrote in the comment section, “HEY KING I’m outtttt.” “Love & Hip Hop: New York” star Juju Casteneda also joined in, leaving several crying and laughing emojis in the comment. Bobby Lytes applauded her, “Omg yes sis!!! The Lytes way!!!” with YFN Lucci commenting, “Look at you.”

Fortunately, Simone’s public love profession didn’t go in vain. The man himself responded to the 29-year-old VH1 star, though the comment was not exactly satisfying. The rapper dropped a slew of emojis including a crying and laughing face emoji, a waving hand emoji as well as eyes emoji.

In related news, DaBaby’s security has spoken out about the “Kirk” spitter’s stage-diving antics which often led his fans to go closer to him than allowed. Going by “Kane Kongg” online, the North Carolina emcee’s right-hand-man said on his Instagram page, “This n***a is the worse.”

Kane previously made headlines after he was knocking out a female concertgoer at the rapper’s show in New Orleans. He then defended himself, syaing that he thought the fan was a guy. “As long as he don’t touch my artist, I’m cool so I’m just gonna get him out of here. Next thing I know, this n***a punched my artist in the back of his head. As you see in the video, a n***a punched my artist in the back of the head. So, you can’t just be punching people in the back of the head and expect nothing to happen to you. So I turned around, seen who did it and I put the person down,” he said.

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