Coronation Streets Lucy Fallon mum shamed as she faces backlash

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Lucy Fallon welcomed her first child with footballer Ryan Ledson on January 30. The Coronation Street star has now revealed a new form of contraception – an app that tracks your body temperature to determine how fertile you are.

The 27-year-old has been making the most of her life as a new mum with her baby boy Sonny who arrived five weeks ago.

In a new paid sponsorship post, Lucy said she’s using the Natural Cycles contraceptive app to “prevent pregnancy naturally” as she tries to forgo alternatives including the pill or the coil.

Sharing a new photo with her newborn, she began: “Since having Sonny, I have been a lot more conscious of what I am putting into my body and how in control I am over the choices I make.

“Being pregnant for the first time, giving birth, and caring for our amazing little boy has also made me want to reconnect with myself and understand all the changes my body is going through.”

“So as part of my postpartum journey, I have started to use the @naturalcycles contraceptive app, not only to be able to prevent pregnancy naturally without having to worry but also to be able to track & learn the patterns of my cycle and know when my body starts ovulating again,” she continued.

“I have learned so much about my own body already and feel so grateful that I have found something so simple to use, that has fit into my newly hectic life perfectly.

“Birth control is so personal and completely different for each individual person, so finding something that has worked for me after years of feeling overwhelmed by it all is amazing

She then added information about the app including it being “FDA cleared” as a contraceptive app, which uses body temperature and other indicators to determine your fertility.

However, fans were quick to issue a warning to Lucy saying this may not be the best method.

Mrs Colbeck commented: “Be careful I know a few people who have got pregnant using this app.”

Stacey remarked: “My children are 12 months apart. Be careful. You are super fertile right now. Exclusive breastfeeding is not birth control. Congrats!!!”

Lauren wrote: “Eeek I would be extra careful with this you are super fertile right now! I know a few people who got pregnant using this.”

In September Lucy and Ryan shared the exciting news that they were once again expecting.

The former Corrie actress, who played Bethany Platt on the ITV soap, has revealed they have welcomed a baby boy.

“Our beautiful boy. 30/01/2023”, she wrote of the announcement, along with a white love heart emoji.

Lucy’s happy news comes after she previously suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in March 2022.

“It was a traumatising, horrendous time,” she told OK! magazine. “We went for a scan and they couldn’t see anything, so then we went to the hospital and they thought they could see something, so it was very up and down.

“I had pregnancy symptoms and I was feeling really unwell and when they were doing all these scans my symptoms were getting worse and worse and there were no signs I had had a miscarriage, so that made it more of a shock.”

She added: “We just assumed everything was going to be fine.

“Then after a week when they’d done the blood tests and other tests I went back and they said that I had miscarried. It was a really strange feeling.”

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