Conservative radio host Marc Bernier, aka Mr. Anti-Vax, died from Covid

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In the past month, three prominent and well-liked (??) conservative radio hosts have died of Covid. The first was Florida-based Dick Farrel, the second was Nashville’s Phil Valentine and the third was Florida-based Marc Bernier, who passed away on Saturday. Bernier had been hospitalized since early August. These three men had one huge thing in common: they were all anti-vaxx. They were all vocal opponents of vaccines, vaccine mandates and science. Bernier even compared vaccine-promotion to Nazism.

Yet another conservative radio host who publicly spoke out against COVID-19 vaccines has died from the coronavirus. Marc Bernier, 65, a prominent conservative radio host from Daytona Beach, Florida, died Saturday after a nearly month-long battle with the virus. He is now the third conservative radio host to die from COVID-19 after publicly questioning the need for vaccines. Bernier wasn’t just a vaccine skeptic, he had even characterized himself as “Mr. Anti-Vax” at one point.

Bernier’s death was announced Saturday night by WNDB, the radio station Bernier had been a part of for three decades. “It’s with great sadness that WNDB and Southern Stone Communications announce the passing of Marc Bernier, who informed and entertained listeners on WNDB for over 30 years,” WNDB said in a statement posted on Twitter.

Bernier had expressed views against vaccines long before COVID-19. But he solidified that stance as the vaccines for the coronavirus started rolling out. “I’m not taking it,” Bernier said late last year. “Are you kidding me? Mr. Anti-Vax? Jeepers.” He also tweeted that the U.S. government was “acting like Nazi’s” because officials were urging people to get vaccinated. That was his final tweet, published on July 30. He was hospitalized on August 7 after he was off the air for a week. “If you’ve listened to his show, you’ve heard him talk about how anti-vaccine he is on the air,” Mark McKinney, WNDB’s operations director, told reporters after Bernier was hospitalized.

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I know these men left behind families and friends and I’m sad for those people, genuinely. There was someone in my life who died from Covid before the vaccines were widely available, but it wouldn’t have made a difference because she was like this – anti-vaccine, thought the pandemic was a hoax, she went around maskless for months. Even though you know it’s coming for these anti-science, anti-vaccine people, their deaths still leave behind a lot of loved ones. All that being said, there is absolutely no reason why any adult anti-vaxxer should die of Covid in a hospital. If you didn’t care enough to get the vaccine, you don’t get access to doctors or medical treatment. F–k that. Go home and use those essential oils and tell yourself it’s just a cold.

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