Cliff Richard, 81, poses shirtless in pool as he releases his 2022 calendar

Alan Titchmarsh shows off topless image of Cliff Richard in 2010

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Cliff Richard, 81, has released a selection of photos to go along with his 2022 calendar. The star has included various photos of himself hanging around New York. 

Retirement is where you stop what you’re doing, it doesn’t mean that you stop doing anything.

Cliff Richard

Cliff is selling the calendar for the cost of £9.99. 

The calendar includes photos of the Bachelor Boy singer posing by his pool in Barbados wearing swimming trunks. 

Other photos include the star enjoying a garden in spring, relaxing in a restaurant and walking around New York. 

Cliff has been producing calendars since 1979, and has sold a total of 1.5 million of them. 

In 2013 he implied he was going to stop the tradition, but fan demand meant that it continued. 

He admitted this last year on the Alan Titchmarsh show. 

The star was celebrating his 80th birthday at the time. 

He told Alan that the word “retirement” was not in his vocabulary after the host quizzed him on it.

Cliff rejected any calls to step aside because he felt he was already living a ‘semi-retired’ existence. 

Sir Cliff said: “Retirement is where you stop what you’re doing, it doesn’t mean that you stop doing anything.

“Some people go and try some other things, do something they always wish they had done and that’s always open to me.

“But I can’t see any point of actually stopping when in fact, what I could do is what I’m practically doing now.”

The singer was in the middle of recounting tales of some events such as performing at Royal Albert Hall, when Alan reached over to grab a calendar from the table.

He announced: “I’ve been looking at the calendar as well – just to make them scream even more.” 

As predicted, yells and screams came from the studio audience. 

He found a picture from one month of Cliff bare-chested on the beach and showed it to the camera.

Titchmarsh turned the calendar so it was face-down on the table, as he joked: “Shame on you!”

He continued: “You make those of us who are younger feel very embarrassed.”

Sir Cliff laughed and then quizzed: “Why did you turn it over?”

The singer then turned it back over so the audience could see him topless.

The pair’s hilarious exchange happened during an episode of The Alan Titchmarsh Show, which first aired on ITV in 2010.

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