Chill, Man! Hollywood Guys Who Love Pampering Themselves

Who said pampering routines were only for the ladies? Not these Hollywood guys, who love taking care of themselves whether it comes to hair, skin or nails.

“You have to clean your face. You can’t sit around and assume it’s going to be OK. I wash my face every day — don’t be afraid to wash yours before you go to bed!” Pharrell Williams told Into The Gloss in 2013 regarding his skincare routine. “You have to take care of your skin.”

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He continues, “Years and years and years ago, Naomi Campbell pulled me aside and said, ‘Listen, this is what you have to do — you have to go to a dermatologist; you can’t keep using drugstore products.’ Well, you can, but with the store products you have to be really diligent. At the end of the day, you just have to take care of your face.”

The “Happy” singer, 46, isn’t the only man in L.A. who believes that self-care is a priority. In fact,

George Clooney believes that a mix of high-end and low-end is the key to a successful beauty regimen. “I hit the spa and I enjoy steam rooms,” Clooney told The Mirror. “But I really don’t use any specific product. Just a good Ivory soap will do.”

Comedian Kevin Hart takes it one step further, stating that good hygiene is part of making it in the industry. “Listen, your face is your money,” he told BET. “I gotta stay focused and take care of my skin! I use La Mer scrub and after, I use the scrub I use the wash. Then, I use a hot towel to clean it off. After I take it off, I then take a replenishing moisturizer and put that on my face. And I cover that with a sealant.”

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