Caitlyn Jenner BLASTED for Throwing Trans Athletes Under the (School) Bus

With Caitlyn Jenner’s hefty net worth, she can afford this vanity run for Governor of California.

The question remains whether vulnerable young trans kids can “afford” the damage that she is causing.

On the campaign trail, the former reality star threw countless transgender students under the bus.

She’s getting raked across the coals for it as everyone remembers that she’s just not a great person.

One of TMZ‘s reporters approached Caitlyn Jenner in a parking lot.

The report asked what was, in fairness to Cait, an ill-phrased question referring to trans girls as “biological boys who are trans.”

That’s an inherently nonsensical thing to say, but the context was a question about an alarming legal trend.

More and more state legsilatures, the reporter noted, have been passing or attempting to pass trans sports segregation laws.

These laws would require schools to forbid trans athletes from competing under normal gender-divided school sports.

The question was poorly phrased. The answer was appalling.

Caitlyn paused for a moment before saying that she sees the matter as “a question of fairness.”

“That’s why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school,” she replied.

“It just isn’t fair,” Cait claimed. “And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”

That might sound like an odd answer coming from one of the most famous trans women on the planet.

It is certainly a despicable answer, but not necessarily surprising when you look at who Caitlyn is as a person.

Let’s break this down, in order, talking with why the language of the question, then repeated by Cait, was so bad.

What in the world is a “biological boy?”

This is a nonsensical phrase that would only be useful in a world where some boys were inorganic robots.

But for now, all people are “biological.” Gender, on the other hand, is not biological at all.

Gender is a complicated social construct that varies between cultures.

It is not comprised of chromosomes or genitals.

Though trans or cis people may experience various forms of body dysphoria, gender is not anatomical.

A trans girl who whose birth certificate assigned her as “male” when she was born is a girl.

She is made of flesh and blood and proteins and whatnot, so she is a biological girl.

A boy, either cisgender or transgender, who is made of flesh and blood and proteins, is a biological boy.

Now that we’ve covered the s–tty question, it’s time for Caitlyn’s truly deplorable answer.

She says that, for reasons of “fairness,” trans girls should not compete against cis girls in school athletics.

Is that an unfair situation? And is the solution really to segregate trans kids and cis kids?

So these anti-trans bills that are cropping up aren’t really based upon any real problems that exist.

But the alleged logic behind them is that trans girls will have physical advantages over cis girls.

The psuedoscientific reasons for this vary, with “testosterone” coming up pretty regularly.

Many trans kids go on pubertly blockers if their parents are supportive.

Puberty blockers, also sometimes used for cis girls who start their periods at very young ages, are safe and reversible.

They are vital for many trans children, stopping trans kids from going through an undesired and potentially life-ruining wrong puberty.

Not all trans folks get surgery (for that matter, not all seek hormonal treatments, particularly among nonbinary folks).

In general, though, many trans teens will go on to get actual hormones as they get older, often in their late teens.

Those lucky enough to have been able to go on puberty blockers may not need any kind of surgery when they are adults.

What does this have to do with sports and the dreaded superdrug of “testosterone,” a hormone in men and women anyway?

Well, trans kids who are on puberty blockers don’t have any “hormonal advantages” either way … because those changes have not taken place in their bodies.

If anything, a cis girl going through puberty might have advantages over a trans girl whose puberty has been postponed, but that’s about it.

And the reality of course is that all people have advantages in some areas over each other.

Some have longer legs, or weigh less, or are simply better runners or sprinters or jumpers, or have more endurance or are more coordinated.

Also? Even among a group of all-cis people, you’re going to find varying levels of testosterone. Human bodies are just like that.

So there’s no inherent unfairness issue there.

And no, women’s sports aren’t under attack or in need of special protections … not like that, at least.

Many women’s leagues perform better than men’s leagues but receive less funding and less respect, but that’s not the doing of the trans community.

So if this isn’t a problem that exists in real life and if only a handful of trans kids are student athletes anyway, why are these bills cropping up?

They’re appearing for the same reason that any kinds of cruel, discriminatory laws are proposed or passed.

The motive is malice. The purpose is cruelty. The aim is to galvanize voters with frothing, irrational hatred.

And that of course is why Caitlyn is willing to throw the most vulnerable members of the trans community under the bus.

She’s not a good person and she never has been.

Coming out as trans has not changed that.

Caitlyn wants other young trans girls to go through the same miserable charade that she did.

Or at least, she’s willing to say so to get votes and respect from the worst political scum in our society.

She’s not going to be Governor of California, but she’s willing to do a lot of damage while trying.

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