BTS’ V Squeezes His Dog Tannie’s Face In Adorable New Pics Of The Pup & Fans Go Wild

The Internet almost broke from all the cuteness after BTS’s V shared a precious picture of his very good dog, and the ARMY could not handle how adorable these two were.

BTS‘s V (aka Kim Taehyung, 24) made the ARMY’s day on Feb. 18, and all it took was just a few pictures of Tannie. V posed some photos of his dig (full name Yeontan Kim) to BTs’ Weverse, including two shots of the Pomeranian’s face through a wineglass. It was very artistic, demonstrating V’s skills as a photographer. Thankfully, someone else was around to handle the camera when (presumably) V gave his dog’s face a cute squeeze. Actually, V seemed to share Tannie’s floofy face into the shape of a heart with his hands, if he was somehow transforming his doggie into a symbol of love for all of BTS’s fans. Whether or not this was a late Valentine’s Day message to the ARMY or not, fans fell over from the cuteness.

“Tannie, you look so cute. It is amazing how much love and laughter Tannie bring into Taehyung lives. Taehyung and Tannie looks so happy . I love both of you.” “Who wouldn’t fall for this cute little fella in here?” “Tannie soooooooo cute” “Nothing seems like a bigger happiness to know MY BABY #Taehyung is back on the weverse app feat. the ultimate heartthrob Tannie.” “I just see Tannie trending and then seeing how Taehyung posted something on weverse. Now I have cute Tannie pictures!!! Tannie is soooooooooo cute I can’t!!” “NOOOOO TAEHYUNG POSTED A PHOTO OF TANNIE ON WEVERSE. HE SQUISH.”

What prompted this Tannie-splosion? According to one fan, V shared these pictures to fulfill a fan’s request. “A fan on weverse asked Taehyung to recreate this puppy picture with tannie, and Taehyung really did it omggg this is so cuteee,” one person tweeted, sharing the picture in question. Never say that V  — and the rest of BTS – won’t do anything to bring a smile to their fans’ faces.

Tannie, who some have referred to as the eighth member of BTS, has been a part of BTS’s lives for over two years. He reportedly made his first appearance during a 2017 live-stream event and has since relocated to live with Yaehyung’s parents. The young pup celebrated his second birthday in September 2019, and the ARMY nearly made it a worldwide holiday. They filled the Internet with messages of love, congratulations, and gratitude for how much joy he brings to V. “Why do I love Yeontan? Because he’s a reflection of Taehyung’s kindness… Taehyung chose to adopt instead of buy & went for guidance on raising a dog well… BTS members love Tannie too, showing how close the members are,” one fan tweeted.

The question is now – will Tannie have a guest vocal on BTS’s next album? Map Of The Soul: 7 is set for a Feb. 21 release, and Soompi reports that the album has surpassed 4 million stock pre-orders. The album features, among other tracks, a song co-written by Troye Sivan (“Louder Than Bombs”) and a digital bonus track that features Sia (“On”). Considering how fans have reacted to the promo photos released ahead of the album, Map Of The Soul: 7 might just be the album of the year.

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