Brothers Jussie Smollett allegedly paid to stage attack caught on video

The two Nigerian brothers Jussie Smollett allegedly paid to stage a hate crime against him were captured in a video the night of the attack, with one of them shown suspiciously covering their face.

The video, released by the Chicago Police Department late Monday as part of a massive public records release, shows brothers Ambimbola and Olabinjio Osundairo in the back of a taxi cab with one of them wearing a hoodie tightly closed around his face.

At some point the cab stops and one of the brothers hands the driver cash before they both step out.

The video was captured the night Smollett and the two brothers staged the hate crime on a desolate street corner near the actor’s ritzy, high rise apartment in Downtown Chicago.

Smollett allegedly directed the two men, who knew Smollett from the Empire set where they worked as extras, to meet him on the corner and to pretend to beat him up while yelling racial and homophobic slurs.

The Osundairos used taxis to get to and from the alleged crime scene, according to Chicago police.

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