Ben Shephard gives New Years knee injury update Looks like something out of Aliens!

Ben Shephard stimulates leg muscles after 'knee incident'

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Good Morning Britain host Ben Shephard shared a candid update via social media in the wake of his recent “knee incident”. The presenter included a video revealing the odd recovery methods he was using in order to heal his knee, which he admitted looked like it could have come straight from the Alien film franchise.

Ben, 47, shared his knee recovery videos with his 490,000 followers in a couple of videos on his Instagram story. 

In the first video, Ben showed his leg kitted out with a number of muscle stimulators from a company called Compex UK. 

The four stimulators appeared to be stuck to his leg and attached to one another via wires, pulsating slightly as they worked their magic. 

In the caption, Ben wrote: “Had a knee incident over NY so back on the @complex_uk to get the muscle firing!!!

“Always looks like something out of Aliens!” he added with a flushed face emoji.

The next video saw the muscle stimulators vibrating much more intensely on his leg. 

“Getting jiggy with it!” Ben added cheerfully in the caption. 

According to Compex, their muscle stimulators are designed to optimise training and recovery, specifically being targeted towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Electronic muscle stimulators are supposed to work by sending electrical signals to contract the muscles and have been used by physical therapists as early as the 1960s. 

Many viewers know Ben as a host on Good Morning Britain and as the presenter of ITV’s game show Tipping Point. 

However, the star is also a keen athlete, counting kitesurfing, wakeboarding, rugby, football and golf as some of his main hobbies.

In the past decade, Ben has completed 14 marathons, ran across the UK twice, played for England at Soccer Aid and has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with Gary Barlow, Chris Moyles and Cheryl.

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This is also not the first time he has spoken about an incident involving his leg, previously opening up about some “nasty” injuries on Good Morning Britain back in June 2021.

The journalist revealed on his show that he had suffered a tumble during a football match, rupturing his ACL, tearing his meniscus and fracturing his leg as a result. 

His co-host Susanna Reid, 51, told ITV viewers at home that Ben had turned up to the studio in a leg brace, while Dr Hilary Jones in the studio described it as a “nasty injury”. 

Opening the show, Susanna said: “I wish I had taken a photograph in my dressing room this morning because Ben came in with quite the get up on your leg.”

After joking that it was “quite the outfit”, Ben explained: “A few weeks to go, you may remember I played in the Cup Final of the Arthur Dunn veterans cup, my old boys team.

“Without realising, I have ruptured my ACL, I’ve torn the meniscus and I’ve fractured part of my leg as well. Interestingly I didn’t realise I had done it quite so badly, I carried on playing for 25-minutes before I thought, ‘It feels a little bit unstable, perhaps I should stop’.

“It turns out I had severed all the nerves which is why I couldn’t feel any pain and just carried on playing.”

ITV’s resident doctor later added: “Basically, this is the ligament that holds the lower leg on to the upper leg, so it’s very dramatic!”

Ben replied: “It was flapping about a bit! The sad thing is it didn’t affect my standard of football!”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am to 9am on ITV.

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