Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas went to lunch with his kids, they wore masks, she didn’t

The last time we saw Ana de Armas she was hugging up on her friends, Djokovic-style, without any of them wearing masks. (They did wear masks at one point, but that’s not relevant if they were up in each other’s faces without them.) I wondered how Jennifer Garner would feel about that, considering how hands-on Ana has been with Jen and Ben’s kids. We’ve been hearing this narrative that Ana is getting to know Ben’s kids, and they’ve been stepping out together. Well Ana, Ben and two of his kids went to paparazzi hotspot Brentwood Country Mart for lunch on Saturday and everyone but Ana wore a mask.

Ana may have blocked Ana de Armas updates but she’s surely pays attention to coverage about herself. She knows people were taking her to task for not wearing a mask with her friends, and yet she did it again with Ben and his kids. Maybe she took it off so she could show her whole face in photos, as if we haven’t seen enough of it lately. (She’s lovely, you know what I mean.) She absolutely knows how that looks and what she’s doing.

On Sunday, Matt Damon, his wife Luciana and their two youngest daughters visited Ben at home. I hope they were socially distancing and washing their hands a lot. Also there are more photos of Ana from Saturday. You can see them through the Twitter link below.

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) June 29, 2020

Photos credit: Backgrid

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