Bear Cub Picks Adorable Fight With Flagstick On North Carolina Golf Course

Forget eagles and birdies … baby bears are now clearly the best animal you’ll see on a golf course — ’cause 3 invaded a North Carolina green this month, and it was ADORABLE!!!

The cute scene all went down last Friday in Lake Toxaway … when a course employee caught three cubs causing quite the scene on one of the holes.

In the footage, you can see as 2 bears wrestled … another picked a fight with the flagstick, rolling around with the pin and biting the hell out of it!

The shenanigans went on for about a minute … with the 3 stomping all over the carefully curated grass without a care in the world.

Eventually, the trio of cubs ran off … which was probably the best news for all of the golfers on the course, as the person who shot the vid said the bears’ Mom was close by.

Unclear what golf’s rules of play are in this setting … but probably best to mark down a par and move on to the next hole. Deal?

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