Andy Cohen Has ‘Bounced Back’ & Regained All The Weight He Lost During Coronavirus

Andy Cohen is back to his former self.

The 51-year-old Watch What Happens Live host opened up to Extra TV, and revealed that he’s now back to his original weight after losing a lot of it during his coronavirus diagnosis.

“I lost a ton of weight and I gained it all back,” he said, revealing that his during his recent doctor’s appointment he had a chest x-ray and “there was a little cloudiness in the lung. They said that’s commensurate for someone who is recovering.”

Andy recently shared that the virus “took 10 or 11 days to work through my system…takes a bit to get your energy back. There’s a thing where you feel mentally like, ‘Oh, I’m okay.’ And then you realize, you go downstairs and make a piece of toast and you come upstairs and you’re like, ‘Now I need to relax.’”

He was diagnosed in March.

If you missed it, Andy just held a virtual Father’s Day get together with Anderson Cooper and their sons.

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