Alex Rodriguez Has a Cheeky Response When Asked About J Lo and Ben Affleck's Reunion

Alex Rodriguez played it coy when he was asked about how he feels about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s reunion. In a video obtained by Page Six, a photographer is heard asking the former Yankees player to share his thoughts while he was out and about in Miami on Tuesday, but Alex ended up avoiding the question altogether. Instead of moving on like most people would, the photog then rephrased his question and asked, “Did you know they were in Montana together?” referencing the pair’s recent getaway. Alex once again ignored the question and quipped, “Go Yankees!”

At first, one would assume that Alex was simply just cheering on his former team. However, those who know Ben know that he’s a huge Mets fan, and the Mets just so happen to be huge rivals of the Yankees. In fact, Ben is such a loyal Mets fan that he once refused to wear a Yankees cap for a film, so Alex’s comment was clearly more than just a shoutout to his favorite team.

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