Adele slides into superfan's DMs and leaves him 'bawling'

We may still be waiting on new music from Adele, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making fans’ days in other ways.

The Someone Like You star left one fan ‘bawling’ after DMing him to thank him for entertaining her throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Colyn Elliott, who runs an Adele fan account, was left stunned after the Grammy Award winner replied to one of his Instagram story posts, which asked for new music and read ‘we all miss you so much’.

Adele, 32, responded: ‘Your twitter account has entertained me all the way through Covid

‘You look like so much fun! I’m absolutely chuffed you like my music. Keep loving your life, it’s so lovely and infectious to see from every angle.’

And Colyn, entirely understandably, lost it.



After sharing a screenshot of the DM, he added: ‘Adele I hope it was okay I tweeted this I was just so excited I wanted to tell my friends!!!!’

This isn’t the first fan interaction we’ve seen from the star in recent weeks, as she’s used Instagram to share details on her upcoming album – and by details, we mean lack of details.

On a recent book recommendation post, a fan asked: ‘Adele where’s the album?😭’, with Adele responding: ‘I honestly have no idea.’

The Hello singer was even sassier back in June when a fan suspected that an album was dropping that day.

Adele replied: ‘Of course it’s not. Corona ain’t over. I’m quarantining. Wear a mask and be patient.’

The songstress’s last album was 2015’s 25, and since then, she has toured the world and headlined Glastonbury Festival.

And Adele got to relive her epic set as it was aired this summer on the BBC, due to the cancellation of the 2020 festival due to coronavirus.

Choosing to enjoy the broadcast with five ciders, Adele then dug out the dress she wore for the headline set and danced around her LA living room in it.

Quarantine goals. 

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