A Look Back at Lady Gaga’s Craziest VMAs Outfits of All Time

Lady Gaga has no qualms about making an extraordinary fashion statement on the red carpet. In fact, she’s been making headlines for that since, well, day one.

The A Star Is Born actress and music icon has been known to debut particularly wild looks at the VMAs. Take her 2013 performance, for example. Gaga stripped down from a nun-like outfit to basically … nothing. By the end of the performance, she was wearing just a floral thong and a seashell bra onstage.

And we can’t forget to mention her infamous meat minidress from the 2010 awards show, which — if you somehow managed not to see the getup — consisted of Gaga wearing meat on her body, feet and head. She later explained on The Ellen Degeneres Show that the look was by no means meant to offend vegans, rather it was meant to make a political statement. Take note that a year later, there was Gaga’s wild turn as male alter ego Jo Calderone, which left fans equal amounts confused and entertained (but mostly the latter).

Since Lady Gaga’s first red carpet debut in 2009, the “Shallow” singer has done it all, sporting just about every crazy look you could possibly imagine. In recent years, though, she’s put the crazy on pause, in favor of more reserved looks (well, for Gaga, anyway) and meat-free prints.

In the rare case that you haven’t already zoomed ahead to see all of the looks for yourself, scroll through for a look back at Gaga’s flashiest styles at the MTV Video Music Awards!

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