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Case Study On Consumer Behaviour

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Case Study On Consumer Behaviour

With so many products serving the same need, the consumer must choose which products to choose and which to avoid. Therefore, marketers must find ways to change consumer attitudes toward their brands in order to gain more customers.

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They need to develop a marketing strategy that will enable them to beat the competition. These strategies shape consumer behavior. Consumer behavior can be defined as “actions taken by people (consumers) to satisfy wants and needs”… Such actions often, but not always, involve the purchase of goods and services through markets. includes acceptance” Economic Dictionary, 2011).

This article focuses on consumer behavior towards the Apple iPod. Introduced by Steve Jacobs in 1971, the company has since become a noteworthy brand. Apple customers are very loyal to the company’s brand. Among the most innovative products launched on the market is the iPod (VERTGO Team, 2011).

This product has created a niche for itself as the market leader in the “portable music player product category” (Weisbein, 2008). The iPod’s sleek appearance and ease of use have attracted many people, and there is no clear target market for the product.

However, young people play a major role in expanding the market for the iPod, as they have given the product a modern and youthful image. This article attempts to explain how marketers attempt to create positive attitudes toward the iPod product.

How To Understand And Shape Consumer Behaviour. With Examples

To achieve this, behavior analysis is conducted, which takes into account the role of individual factors such as motivation and values, learning and perception. There are other individual actors to consider; Individual decision-making process, attitude and personality. It discusses how Apple can develop marketing strategies for the iPod product by understanding consumer behavior.

Sensory receptors such as hearing, vision and touch. Apple used them to influence consumer behavior. The iPod product can be considered as a simple but at the same time modern, stylish and attractive device (see images below).

The wheel below the screen used for controls is “an innovative technology that has never been seen before” (iBummed.com, . 2011, p.1). As you can see from the photos above, the iPod’s screen is large, allowing users to view features such as playlists.

According to Varian (2007), “the material used to create the iPod is of high quality and smooth to the touch” (Varian, 2007, p.1). The iPod wheel “has touch capabilities for volume control” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1). In addition, the iPod is a digital music player that plays all the favorite songs of its owners.

Pdf) A Case Study On Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Selected Fmcg Products

“Behavioral pricing” is used because the iPod is of high quality, so the price is higher than the price charged by competitors. It is said that “it is generally hedonic consumption because basically all the senses are involved and especially for the iPod, the purchase decision is not justified” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1).

The main target of advertising campaigns is a young audience, and therefore, young consumers will use the product more and remain loyal to the brand for a long time. Another reason is that younger consumers are attracted to a modern look and it offers a “young and modern look” (iBammed.com, 2011).

Positive reinforcement plays an important role as iPod users become members of a community and develop a sense of belonging to that community. In addition, iPod users are viewed by others in society as young, trendy, fashionable, and attractive, which helps to boost the morale and image of these users. In addition, users can listen to their favorite music “on the go” and this is an added advantage.

Also, “Many people buy iPods because they see that many celebrities, models, actors, loved ones own and share playlists and songs with each other” (iBummed.com, 2011). , p. 1). In addition, it has been observed that many designers are emerging with the intention of customizing “luxury accessories” for the iPod (Costello, 2008).

An Analysis Of Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Online Shopping A Case Study Of Cuttack City

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The main goal of the motivation process is to “address the need to listen to music on the move and to belong to the modern, young and iPod society” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1). The motivation factor is the pressure exerted by the people around the users which influences it on the iPod.

The final purchase of an iPod occurs when the customer realizes the satisfaction of having achieved a goal. The motivational force can be measured through the “expectancy theory” because the consumer expects this product to play his favorite music. The iPod is about “hedonic needs” because it needs excitement (iBammed.com, 2011, p. 1).

It also describes the need for integration as iPod owners can share playlists, music and iPods with each other, creating an iPod community. In addition, it can partially describe the need for success because Apple is seen as a luxury brand and the iPod is perceived as a “luxury technology product” (iBummed.com, 2011, p.1).

Case Study Consumer Behaviour

In addition, the iPod is distinguished by two brands in Maslow’s hierarchy, and these are affiliation and self-actualization. There are reasons for this. One of the reasons for this is that iPod owners are mostly people who travel and want to listen to their favorite music as a hobby or a source of entertainment.

Also, belonging is connected to the iPod because it creates a community and everyone who owns it is part of that community. It was also noted that a special type of channel called podcasting would emerge in the community, where “news, favorite TV shows, music albums, talk shows, etc. streamed to a portable music player, primarily the iPod” (PCMag, 2008). , p. 1).

The iPod is a “high involvement” product because consumers have a variety of iPod choices depending on their needs. Additionally, consumers are very attached to their iPod and they “like to customize it to fit their needs” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1).

The number of songs an iPod can carry is determined by capacity, and this is an important decision because the price is higher than similar products sold by competitors. However, the iPod cannot be considered a “materialistic” device and was therefore purchased for the purpose of listening to music. Also, iPod is used for personal satisfaction as well as entertainment. So people who are not materialistic are more likely to buy it.

Consumer Behavior Case Study And Elab Rubric

Apple’s research has helped us understand how the iPod instills personality in people’s minds. The focus of the iPod personality is “simplicity, emotion, imagination, lifestyle, innovation and passion” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1).

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According to iBammed.com’s (2011) analysis, the iPod was found to be associated with “individualism or social acceptance in Dichter’s consumption motives” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1). Unique playlists along with selected “accessories for the iPod” suggest that individuality may indicate “social acceptance” and the need to belong within the iPod community (iBammed.com, 2011).

Additional analysis of personality traits helps “identify the BrandAsset Valuer archetypes developed by Yang and Rubicam” (iBammed.com, 2011, p.1). The iPod has two main archetypes; “Been a Queen and an Actress” (iBammed.com, 2011). “Queen” has a “pleasant, soothing and sociable quality that is similar to the iPod, promoting relaxation, comfort and being a highly interactive device” (iBammed.com, 2011, p. 1). On the other hand, “Actress” has the characteristics of “attractive, dramatic, and engaging.”

Pdf] Comparisons Of Factors That Influence Male Consumer Behavior In Purchasing Skin Care Products (case Study: Men From Suwon City, South Korea And Bandung, Indonesia)

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